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Five Ways to Streamline Your Payroll Process

For business owners with employers, payroll is a necessary task that can slow your day and tie you down if you let it.  If you’re looking for a way to make payroll less time-consuming, here are five ideas you can put to good use: Employee Onboarding If

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What Are Payroll Items in QuickBooks?

What Are Payroll Items in QuickBooks? If you plan to process your own payroll using QuickBooks, you need to understand how payroll items work. Considering processing your own payroll in QuickBooks? Whether you’re moving from a payroll service or getting ready to pay your first employee, you’re

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New Overtime Rules

Employer and employee alert On May 18, 2016 President Obama and Labor Secretary Perez announced new Department of Labor overtime regulations that go into place December 1, 2016. The Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA) has information everyone needs to know to comply with these new rules. The

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Five Ways to Protect your Cash

You work hard for your money. The last thing you need is to have it disappear due to fraud, hackers, or identity theft.  2013 has been called the year of the hacker by some.  While this is worrisome, you’re far more likely to experience risks with disgruntled

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20 Factors Used by the IRS to Determine Employment Status

It can often be challenging to understand the difference between an employee and an independent contractor. However, the correct classification of workers is essential. Misclassification of workers can result in harsh IRS penalties.  It is also important for the business to understand the reporting obligations and payroll

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