Check Your Credit…change your passwords

As consumers in the digital age we have repeatedly had our confidence in the security of our identity and financial information tested. First it was the dramatic increase in identity theft at the IRS. Then the major data breach at companies like Target, Neiman Marcus, Yahoo and others. Now we hear that a bug called Heartbleed has made secure web sites anything but secure. Here is a checklist of things to consider;

Check Change your user ids every three to six months
Check Change your passwords every three to six months
Check Close potentially compromised accounts
Check Replace compromised debit and credit cards
Check Understand your risks of theft
(for instance your financial risk on credit theft is different than debit card fraud)
Check Consider a credit monitoring service
Check Monitor your social media footprint
Check Update your computer security software
Check Review your credit reports
Check Correct any errors on your credit reports
Check Review your children’s accounts and credit reports
Check Report suspicious activity in your accounts
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Check Shred confidential information before tossing it
Check Do not share logins and passwords
Check Create separate credit card and banking accounts for internet transactions
Check Consider using a PO Box for mail

Other resources

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