Seven Ideas to Create a Satisfying Retirement

Seven Ideas to Create a Satisfying Retirement

You’ve done your retirement homework. Your assets are reviewed, you have planned your financial needs, and your retirement tax plan is in place. Are you ready to enjoy retirement? Probably, but not without a plan to address what happens to many after they retire; boredom. Here are some ideas.
Icon Go to school. Many colleges and communities offer classes for retired students. Pick topics of interest and take advantage of this cost effective way to stay alert through learning. Many classes can have built in activities. Examples could be local history classes with field trips, photography classes, writing, and gardening. As an added benefit, you will meet others with your shared interest while you continue learning.
Icon Pick up part-time work. If you are outgoing, why not pick up a few hours at a local retail establishment.
Icon Volunteer. Many retirees volunteer at libraries, museums, and parks. Others volunteer at their local church, deliver meals, and help young people with literacy. The possibilities are endless.
Retired couple on beach
Icon Schedule physical activity. Staying physically active will keep your body and mind in shape. Create a weekly routine that keeps you moving. Volunteer to take the grand kids to swimming lessons while the parents are working. Bike or walk to do every-day chores.
Icon Look for combinations. With a little creativity you can combine some of these ideas. For example, if you coached your kids in soccer why not consider refereeing kids games? You might earn a little pay, stay connected with kids, and get some physical activity.
Icon Get Connected. When you retire, many of your social connections will change. This is especially true for work connections and availability of friends that are still working. Look for other ways to make new connections. Use some of the ideas here to actively get connected with others that share your interests. Participate in community events. Reach out through volunteer efforts to meet new people.
Icon Blend in your dreams. If you’ve always dreamed of moving to a new place in retirement, you may want to test-drive it first. A dream move, may turn out to be different than you anticipated. You may miss your kids and friends. Services and connections you take for granted may become a problem. By renting a place and staying in the new location prior to committing, you will be prepared with a fall back if it does not work.

These are but a few ideas to help transition into a satisfying retirement. There are many resources to provide additional ideas.

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