Make Lists: Save Money

Making a list and checking it twice. Santa uses this idea to discover who is naughty and nice. You too can use this simple idea to keep more hard earned money in your pocket.

Checklist item Make a shopping list. Whenever you go shopping, whether it be for back to school supplies or groceries, making a list before you go can save money. Not only will it help reduce the purchase of unneeded items, it will also save in gas as you are less likely to forget something you need.
Checklist item Make a wish list. Use this technique to identify large purchases. Once you create the list, put a priority next to the item and then sort the items in order of priority. When your savings allow, you will then be spending money on something you and your family have already discussed. You will also be in a better position to purchase a prioritized item when it is on sale.
Making Lists That Save Money
Checklist item Make a destination list. Where would you like to go on vacation? Where would you like to retire? Create these lists and you not only have something to look forward to, but you can also start planning to make these destination goals a reality.
Checklist item Make a charity list. How often have you given money to a charity based upon who calls you? It is hard to say no to any worthy charity. By targeting charities ahead of time you can ensure your limited funds go to causes that mean the most to you. When someone not on your charity list calls, tell them you give generously to budgeted charities once a year. Let them know you will gladly place them on your list for consideration during your next funding period.
Checklist item Make a list of meals. Want to eat healthier? Want to save money by eating out less often? Create a menu and the related list of ingredients to make meals that are good for you and that are ready to go when you are.
Checklist item Make a list of gifts. A simple idea to save money is to purchase gifts when the gift item is on sale, versus when you need to purchase the gift. Then keep a list of the gift items you purchase and use the list to source your needed gifts when the event arrives. The gifts on your list need to have broad appeal to make this idea work. Target gifts like baby items, popular books, every-day wedding gift ideas, and gifts on wish lists from your family.
Checklist item Make a maintenance list. A great way to save money on repairs is to create a household maintenance checklist. From auto tune-ups to furnace filter replacement, staying ahead of these little things can help avoid major repairs due to forgotten maintenance.