Stop Price Creep

Stop Price Creep

Review Your Household Vendors

One simple idea could save you hundreds in your monthly expenses. It has to do with the tendency for inertia. When you are looking for a supplier of basic services, you tend to shop alternative companies, ask friends for recommendations, and get quotes from alternate choices. After completing this often exhausting work, you sit back and enjoy your new supplier.

The problem. Once a supplier is chosen, review of the service is often not redone. Unfortunately, things change and what was once a good deal can become a very expensive proposition.

Example, talk about trash. A young couple move into a new home. They shop and hire a trash collector. Over the years, the trash collector is purchased by a new hauler and the new hauler merges with another hauler a couple of years later. One day their supplier-provided trash can disappears. When looking online for the phone number to request a replacement, the couple discovers a listed price for their service much lower than what they are paying. Their $28 per month fee is offered to new customers for $10 per month.

What to do. Every two or three years conduct a review of your suppliers. To keep the process manageable, rotate a few vendors each year for this review exercise. The longer you use a supplier without a review, the more important the review becomes. Here are some common culprits for price creep:

Check Cell phone providers
Check Cable services
Check Internet services
Check Auto insurance
Check Health insurance
Check Trash collectors
Check Homeowner insurance
Check Cleaning services

It is not only price. Remember, just because your supplier is not the lowest price, there may be other reasons to continue your service. Trust and quality of service should also be considered in your decision making process.